Why are the prices so cheap compared to your rivals?

We believe that our customers deserve to pay real price without being overcharged. Our business is based mostly on sales on-line. That saves us a lot of paying high amounts on renting showrooms and wages to staff. We buy in bulk from our suppliers and that gives us the opportunity to pay the lowest possible prices.

Do the low prices affect the quality of the products?

No, the quality is always the bes possible, prices depend on origin, colour, grain pattern etc.

If I am not happy with the product, can I return it back and what would that cost me?

Yes, If you are not fully satisfied with the quality you can return it back within 14 days and you will get a full refund.

If I do not like to order online, is there any other way of purchasing?

There are several way of ordering. Online, over the telephone or visiting our showroom.

Can I be reimbursed for the sample charge and do I have to return the sample after receiving it?

We guaranteree full refund for our samples once you've made a purchase with us.

Is VAT already included in the price?

Yes, all our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Do the worktops come with square edges?

Yes, all our worktops come with square edges. That gives you the opportunity to finish your worktop with your own personal requirement.

Can I order the worktops with any particular edge shape?

We can offer a wide range of edge styles at an extra £10 per linear metre.

Do you deliver nationwide?

We do deliveries to the UK Mainland. If you live on the Islands or Ireland we can arrange a delivery to the nearest port.

What is your lead time on delivery?

Normally we do deliveries to London and Essex within 3 working days, England and Wales within 5 working days and Scotland within 7 working days.

Is the delivery charge per worktop or per delivery?

The delivery charge is flat rate per delivery.

Does your wood come from environment free forests?

Yes, all the wood we use for our worktops comes from certified forestry.

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