Sapele Worktops

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Sapele Worktops

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Finest quality sapele worktops manufactured to highest standard at the most reasonable prices online, carefully selected to ensure uniform colour and perfect match.

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  • Sapele Worktops

    Sapele wood, widely exported from Africa, is sometimes referred to as Sapele Mahogany due to a similarity in appearance. Sapele worktops wood is indeed a member of the same family. The wood ranges from a medium to dark reddish brown and his a fine uniform texture.

  • How it's used?

    Sapele wood turns and finishes well and has a large variety of uses. It is commonly used for plywood, furniture, cabinetry, boatbuilding and musical instruments.

  • Why Sapele?

    We recommend this wood for the richness of its mahogany like colour which will add warmth, character and style to a wide variety of kitchen designs. It has a variety of grain pattern and a natural lustre which will enhance kitchen cabinets. Sapele worktops wood works well in both traditional and modern kitchen spaces.

  • Our Wood

    We use A Grade Sapele worktops wood, top quality timber planks and our worktops are available in: Length - 2, 3 and 4 metres Width - 620mm, 720mm and 950mm

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