Ash Worktops 28mm Thickness

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Ash Worktops

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Discover the natural beauty of Ash Solid Wood Worktops on our website. Crafted from high-quality solid ash wood, these worktops add a touch of elegance to any space. With their durable construction, they are perfect for kitchens and workspaces. Explore our selection of Ash Solid Wood Worktops and enhance your environment with style and functionality. Shop now for the perfect addition to your home or workspace.

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  • Ash Worktops

    Sometimes known as White Ash, this wood derives from the Fraxinus Americana species group and is native to eastern North America. It is a hugely popular and versatile wood and Ash is one of the most used trees for everyday wood manufacture.

  • How it's used?

    Ash wood is strong and straight grained making it ideal for a large number of uses. It works well and responds to a variety of woodworking techniques. It is commonly used for flooring, sports equipment and tool handles and other joinery products.

  • Why Ash?

    Ash is a great all purpose wood and we recommend it for its strength, reliability and the ease with which it responds to wood working processes. It has a lovely straight and regular grain and is a delightful pale creamy colour which is so easy to work with when planning a kitchen design scheme.

  • Our Wood

    We use A Grade Ash worktops made from top quality 40mm staves and they are available in: Length - 2, 3 and 4 metres Width - 650mm and 950mm

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