Wenge Full Stave Worktops

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Wenge Worktops

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GUARANTEED STOCK ON ALL SIZES OF WENGE FULL STAVE WORKTOPS. One of the rarest timber worktops available on the UK market. Due to our strong connections with some of the most reputable timber merchants in the world, we made sure that this incredibly difficult to source wood is available at any time. The finest quality wenge full stave worktops are manufactured in our factory in Essex to the highest standard at the most reasonable prices online, carefully selected to ensure uniform colour and perfect match. The dark brown, almost black appearance with a dramatic open grain, giving the luxurious look, wenge full stave worktops can not be mistaken.

  • Wenge Full Stave Worktops

    This tropical timber comes from the Congo in Africa and its species name is Millettia laurentii. Wenge worktop has a highly distinctive, rich dark colour and a straight grain which adds black tones to give it an ebony like appearance.

  • How it's used?

    Wenge Full Stave worktop has excellent strength, is both heavy and very durable and its striking appearance makes it ideal for panelling, furniture and musical instruments.

  • Why Full Stave Wenge?

    The most striking feature of Wenge Full Stave worktop is its beautiful, rich, dark brown colour. The grain gives the wood almost blackish tones and it is often thought to resemble ebony. Wenge wood makes a bold design statement and is perfect for a dramatic, contemporary kitchen. It is a highly practical as well as stylish choice as this tropical timber is extremely robust and durable. If you’re looking for a kitchen that stands out from the crowd, we highly recommend Wenge Full Stave Worktops.

  • Our Wood

    We use A Grade Wenge wood, made from top quality 90-140mm Full Length Planks glued together to create uniform and colour and grain panel and our worktops are available in: Length - 1, 2, 2.4 and 3 Width - 620mm and 950mm

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