Rustic Beech Full Stave Worktops

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Rustic Beech Full Stave Worktops

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Our Rustic Beech worktops are made of 60 - 130 mm wide staves (planks), selected with natural imperfections like knots, medullary rays, colour variation etc creating unique farmhouse look. Our beech full stave worktops come from certified forest just to ensure less carbon foot print. The shade range is light to medium. For multiple orders, we take special care to dispatch all worktops with matching colours and meet your expectations. They offer great wear-resistance and straightforward maintenance. Due to the nature of wooden products, this description should only be used for guidance

  • Rustic Beech Full Stave Worktop

    The Beech wood was always the most popular choice in Britain and it has been grown in woodlands across Europe for centuries. Beech wood is regarded as one of the toughest wood species. Its botanical name is Fagus sylvatica, but is commonly known as European Beech.

  • How it is used?

    Beech wood is famed for its strength and straight grain and uniform colour. It is very hard wearing and makes a highly durable work surface. Widely available across Britain and Europe. It is widely used for furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and barrels.

  • Why Full Stave Beech?

    The beautiful uniform colour of our prime beech planks has made it a preferred wood for our customers. The grain is straight with beautiful, light brown tones that make beech so full of warmth and charm. Beech worktops have superior durability and strength makes it a great choice for worktops and Beech worktops works extremely good in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

  • Our Wood

    We use Prime grade full stave European Oak made from 80-130mm wide oak wood planks and they are available in: Length - 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 metres Width - 620mm, 720mm and 950mm

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