Zebrano Worktops

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Zebrano Worktops

  • Zebrano Worktops
  • Zebrano Worktops
  • Zebrano Worktops

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Finest quality zebrano worktops manufactured to highest standard at the most reasonable prices online, carefully selected to ensure uniform colour and perfect match.

  • Zebrano Worktops

    Zebrano worktops are also known as Zebrawood due to its zebra like grain pattern, is native to West Africa. Its species name is Microberlinia brazzavillensis.

  • How it's used?

    Zebrano worktops are most often used for its striking striped appearance to create a strong visual effect. It is also used commonly as veneer and also for tool handles, furniture, boat building and sports equipment like skies.

  • Why Zebrano?

    Zebrano wood has a creamy, light brown colour with distinctive dark brown stripes resembling those of a zebra. It is a bold, dramatic wood and we would recommend Zebrano to those who are looking to add style and glamour to their kitchens. It works particularly well in contemporary kitchens with clean lines and bold styling.

  • Our Wood

    We use A Grade Zebrano worktops wood, made from top quality 40mm staves and our worktops are available in: Length - 2, 3 and 4 metres Width - 650mm and 950mm

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